Spell on! is a dialogue between drawing and text, between poems and translations. The themes drawn are from Norwegian fjords and European subways. There are two languages and two kinds of handwriting. Spell on! is a dialogue between the feminine and the masculine, between the city and the body, between Norway and Berlin. A motorbike, symbol of excursion, is contrasted with pictures of hens, which are encased. These contrasts are bound to a melody: I put a spell on you.

drawing (examples)

Worm Winther, Oslo (1975-2005, composition 2011)

text (examples)

German: Bert Papenfuß
Norwegian: Tone Avenstroup

Stappa dynge

Hårreisende buktninger
opprørende inn og ut –
skinnende, ei sjuske
brauter med bronse.
            Med truse på,
            ville det ikke gå.


det begynte som et fotballspill
begge stod i mål
hvorfor forsvare kampen
vi tok av oss draktene
ballen var oss

Brechende Gülle

Hanebüchen der Bausch,
heterogen der Bogen –
Schlunze, die Lunze,
brüstet die Brunze.
            Aber Schlupf muß sein,
            sonst paßt er nich’ rein.


es fing an wie ein fußballkampf
beide standen im tor
warum den kampf verteidigen
wir zogen die trikots aus
der ball waren wir


A Spell on! event is an exhibition (Worm Winther), a reading with Tone Avenstroup (norwegian), Bert Papenfuß (german), Worm Winther (english) and a concert with Mugglestone Revue featuring Margareth Kammerer (Mugglestone).


13 juli 2012 kl. 20: på Samfunnshuset, Bergsfjord, "Rottstokken" festival at "Liv i Loppa", Loppa Kommune (Norway)

10. juli 2012 kl. 20: Kampen Scene Bar, Bøgata 21, Oslo (Norway)

22 october 2011: Rumbalotte continua, Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin (Germany)


Worm Winther
Postadress: Hedmarksgata 1, 0658 Oslo, Norway
Mobil: 0047 92888000
Mail: worm@getmail.no


drawings and room: Worm Winther
(1975-2005, collage 2011)
texts: Tone Avenstroup
(norwegian), Bert Papenfuß
(the texts are accompanied by footnotes and an English summary)

print: Reiner Slotta
cover (and videoprojection): rag, Wien
edition: Rothahndruck, Berlin, september 2011
circulation: 30 numbered and signed copies
(the carton contains 8 four-coloured grafics)

music: Mugglestone Revue featuring
Margareth Kammerer

website: Ariane Sept, Berlin, march 2012


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