Tone Avenstroup (1963), Oslo (N). Lives in Berlin. Dramaturge, poet, performance artist, director. Studied theatre and literature at the university in Bergen and Berlin. In 1986 she co-founded the performance group Baktruppen, which sie worked with until 1995. Sie translates norwegian-german und ist co-editor of Gegner. Latest produktion: New flower - letters from Ethiopia (2011); Other works are Naust (2008) installation, ┼lesund Kunstforening (with H. Wiegand); this is not a love song (2007) performance, Berlin, Kopenhagen; marbel & matrikel (2002) radioplay (with R. Lippok) Lately published: i tallenes tid / in zeiten der zahlen (2010), poems norw./german (transl. B. Papenfu▀), Peter Engstler Verlag, R÷hn.