Mugglestone Revue brings back many songs of longing and betrayal from around the world, translating them into another landscape where they can lead new lives and find their own voices.

The vocal duets with Margareth Kammerer are underpinned by a dark humorous banter that often brings into question the meaning of text and the often biased perspectives of the original versions.

Aaron K. Snyder (a.k.a. Big Daddy Mugglestone) grew up in Denver, Colorado, USA where the migrant hispanic population clashed with the conservative cowboy frontierism. His interest in "outsider" musical genres and melancholic ballad forms brought him to study Ethnomusicology at Indiana University. Field work and research in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Europe focused on subjugated art forms and displaced culture further refined his musical aesthetic. Now living in Berlin, Snyder has participated in many different projects and festivals around Europe, often combining vastly different cultural elements and styles.